Taking Advantage of Custom Home Builders

Every person’s vision of a dream home is going to look remarkably different from what another person considers their own perfect vision of what their ideal house would look like. While it is unfortunate many people will never enjoy their perfect home, custom home builders who specialize in bringing personal and customized plans to life make getting your dream home built from scratch more of a possibility than it has ever been before.

Video courtesy of www.OrlandoCustomHomeBuilders.net

Understanding the Benefits of a Custom Home
There are multiple benefits that come with having a custom home built as opposed to searching for your ideal home. The first benefit is quite simple: since every single person’s version of a dream home is going to be very personal and very specific, your chances of just finding a house that meets all those needs is very small. You may find many very good houses that meet most of your needs, but this doesn’t come close to matching the many benefits that come with the house that is built specifically to your orders.

New home construction

The 2nd benefit is that depending on your needs a customized home might not cost any more than buying a similar home in a similar neighborhood. In all likelihood it is not likely to cost that much more (if it even does cost more), compared to a relatively new or brand-new house in the same area.

What To Look Out For
While there are many benefits to getting homes built from scratch, there are still some potential red flags you need to look out for. Always assume expenses are going to be about 10% more than what is quoted. When you are starting from scratch you never know what type of issues might come up and things like foundation setting or construction permits can cause potential issues.

You also want to make sure you are working with a contractor who is the right size to get the job done in a reasonable time. Houses don’t go up overnight, and from setting the foundation to doing concrete work to building the frame to taking care of plumbing and electrical on the interior, there are so many pieces that go into creating an amazing new home and if someone thinks they can do it with 4 workers in a few months you need to listen to those red flags.

Custom home

Experience in custom home building definitely matters.

In Conclusion
There is no question that life gets better when you are living in your literal dream home. By knowing exactly what you want from top to bottom, from start to finish, you will have the ability to find the skilled and experienced custom home builders who can get the job done. There is no reason that you have to settle for second rate living conditions.

By doing a little bit of research ahead of time you will be able to find the construction professionals who know how to get the job done right to set aside the amount of money you need to spend the following years in the home you have dreamed of.

Why You Should Look At Custom In-Ground Pool Builders

Palm Coast custom pool & spa by Agua Construction & Agua PoolsThere are many different professionals who can help with creating that perfect pool on your property, and there are even many different options when it comes to finding the ideal pool. Many people settle for above ground pools when they love the idea of having a true in-ground pool on their property. While in general these do tend to be more expensive than the cut-and-paste models that can be bought for above ground pools, there are still many good reasons for looking at the in-ground version.

Better Home Value
A great in-ground pool can really add to a home’s value, adding that touch of luxury that many people seek. In addition to this, having your own pool makes it easy to enjoy a good swim and get solid exercise whenever the need arises. This is easy on the knees, the pool becomes a solid piece of the property, and since an in-ground pool needs to be carefully constructed and built around a cement deck, this also creates a great outdoor space for friends and family to hang out during pleasant warm days.

Custom pool with waterfalls in Palm Coast home

Custom pool design and construction shown in above pictures was done by Agua Construction & Agua Pools based out of Palm Coast, FL.

Finding Solid Professionals
When you’re looking for custom in-ground pool builders, experience does matter and it matters quite a bit. Putting in a pool from scratch is never an easy job and these contractors not only need to take on the challenge of the type of soil and ground that is in your backyard but also look at zoning and permits for your neighborhood. They need to be able to tackle any unique challenges to still deliver a pool that is solid, up to code, and can stay there for years and decades to come.

The experience and skill of your contractors will make a huge difference in the final result and if you are going to go all out on an in-ground pool, then spend the money to make sure it is done right!

Custom Plans Are Great
The custom part of any given pool plan is also a major selling point. If you just want a regular little thing that’s find, but custom plans open up the options as far as depth, shape, and overall design. You can get pools in a variety of shapes that include the classic rectangle but also oval, L-shaped, kidney shaped, or even customized with a small pool for water volleyball on one hand and a little waterfall leading to a long rectangular pool for regular swimming.

If you like to see how custom pools are constructed, you can see many progress pictures posted by Agua Construction on their Facebook page.

In Conclusion
Finding experienced professionals who specialize in custom in-ground pools is the first step towards adding massive value to your home and having that dream pool that you know you would love and enjoy. This isn’t the type of job that can be tackled as a DIY project. You need professionals who have experience handling every single step of the process!

When you’re ready to get that great addition that you’ve been waiting for, make sure to contract the finest in-ground pool builders in the area. The extra money is worth it to know the job will be done well and done right!

Temporary Walls To Create The Perfect Living Environment

There are many people who simply do not want to deal with the hassle of buying and owning a home, for those, apartments are the perfect living situation. Rentals have the ability to save you money, while not having to deal with the typical issues of owning a home. This can include typical home repairs, lawn maintenance, and property taxes. If you’ve recently moved into an apartment and it doesn’t suit your needs perfectly you can change the situation with temporary walls.
Custom temporary bookcase walls in NYC apartment
You may find that you are in need of an extra bedroom and do not have the means to move at the present time. With the use of temporary walls, you can take a larger room and split it into two giving everyone their own space.

Perhaps you look at your extra-large living room and wish there was a spot you could place a home office. These types of walls can be used to create a quiet workspace that you can use in your home. These are just a couple of the reasons you may want to use temporary walls in your apartment.
Custom temporary walls in NYC apartment - L shape configuration

** Temporary Wall systems in pictures above were designed and installed by Wall 2 Wall NY.
Before you begin the installation process you should talk to your landlord and find out any regulations or codes. This helps to circumvent any potential problems down the road. You want to make sure that you get permission for installation in writing so you have proof that you are allowed to install temporary walls.

Using pressurized walls is the best way to create the most privacy in your newly created space. There is no need for any additional hard way as it is installed and held in place with pressure from the ceiling and floor. It is imperative that you check with local building codes before you begin the installation process as in some areas they are not legal to use.

For those who are unable to use pressurized walls, you may consider partial walls. These types of walls generally reach a foot beneath the ceiling, meaning the tall individual could look over the top. Partial walls do not require any additional hardware and do not contain doors. For some, the fact that the unit does not have a door may be rather alarming.

There are many ways that you can create an effective cover for this area. Some of the more popular choices are tapestries and decorative curtains. If you find yourself in a pinch you can always rely on a sheet or blanket to do the same job.

If you are short on space in your apartment you may want to consider selecting a bookshelf wall. This is an excellent way to get additional storage space as well as creating an effective sound barrier. These types of units have shelves on either one or both directions to give you the optimal amount of space.

There are many types of creative solutions in which you can use temporary walls to create the perfect environment. Just remember to get permission before you begin the work and then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Allen Weinstein Explains Why Emotions Can Be Brainless

Entrepreneur and author, Allen Weinstein, shares a Motivational Monday quote every week. Today’s quote touches on the subject of how we often react to certain things based on pure emotions.

When Emotions Control Our Actions, The Results Are Brainless - Allen Weinstein Quote

Having emotions is a normal part of life, but we most be careful on actions that we take in moments when we might be overwhelmed with certain emotions. In the video below, Allen Weinstein gives the example of the scenario of driving around in your car and getting cut off by another driver. Depending on our personality or maybe even the mood that we happen to be in, we might get full of anger with someone’s wrong doing, right? We have all been there at one point or another. But what we have often learned to regret are those moments when we have acted on impulse without thinking things through. These moments can often lead to poor consequences.

It is important to never lose control of your emotions. We must remember that it is our responsibility to control our actions because our emotions are brainless.

Allen Weinstein wrote a book titled ‘Memoirs of a Learning Disabled Dyslexic Multi-Millionaire‘ which we highly recommend. All his Motivational Monday quotes are taken from his book and it is hard to believe that this inspirational 80 year old gentleman could not even read until he was 13 years old! Very amazing story of a self-mad man.

You can also follow Allen Weinstein on his iTunes podcast.



How To Increase Your Site’s Traffic with SEO

Search engine optimization has continued to be an essential part of every website and business that wants to succeed. There have been a lot of advancement in search engine optimization with companies investing a lot of money to ensure they stay at the top. The good thing is that SEO can be used by both small and big businesses and anyone with a website. Every website needs traffic and SEO is an excellent way of driving traffic.

SEO To drive traffic

Businesses are growing more aware of the need to understand and implement search engine optimization. There is a lot of information out there and it can be a challenge to know what you should follow and what you shouldn’t. The best approach to take is choosing a strategy that works for you and stop using the ones that don’t. Below are some great tips that will go a long way in helping you master the world of search engine optimization.

Monitor where you stand
You will never know if your efforts are working if you don’t have a way to monitor the results. There are many different tools that you can use to see if there is any improvement or progress. The Google toolbar and Alexa are some of the most important tools to have in tracking the results. It is also important to check the referrer log and see where your visitors are coming from and the search terms they used to find your site.

Keywords will be the determining factor between succeeding and failing. It is important to find and use the right keywords that are relevant to your page. Think of the keywords as search terms – how would someone looking for information search for it. The keywords should be used in the title tag and the page header. Putting a lot of keywords on your site will result in your page being labeled as a spammer and the search engine will ignore your site.

Link back to yourself
This is the most basic SEO strategy to use. Linking back to yourself will help you boost the traffic to individual pages. When creating new content, make an effort of linking back to archives. The anchor text you choose to use should be search engine friendly. The more relevant the words point to a page, the better the chances of appearing on the search engine result page when there is a query run with the terms. If you are not familiar with some of these terms, you can always hire an internet marketing firm to help you out.

Image description
The search engine spiders only search for text, and not the text in the images. This is why you need to make the words associated with the images as descriptive as possible. There are different ways you can make sure that images can help you rank well in the search engine results page.

The quality of content you use on your page will affect the ranking of your page. The search engine will use different factors to determine the quality of content of your page. It is important to invest in content and avoid using underhand methods.

Here are also some tips for local businesses that you will find useful:

Hope you found these tips helpful! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

TransMedics Organ Care System

Today I was on Facebook and I couldn’t believe what one of my friends posted. I am a strong believer in organ donation. The way I see it, if our time has come to leave this earth and one of our organs is able to save another person’s life, why not? I myself am a registered organ donor. So when I saw this video today, I simply couldn’t believe the incredible advances in technology that are being made.

TransMedics is a company that is changing organ transplants as we know it. They have developed a technology where organs (hearts, lungs, livers) can be transported in a manner that enables the functional assessment  of the organs while outside of the human body.

You need to see this for yourselves. Simply amazing!



The Amazing Wonders of Turmeric

A few months ago I was doing a little food shopping and I noticed something that I have never seen before in the veggie section. It was a little clear plastic box with a green a label that read Turmeric Roots. Turmeric sounded familiar, but honestly I couldn’t remember exactly what I had heard about it other than it having to do with some holistic remedies.

I didn’t pick it up because I first wanted to do a little research on it. I am a huge ginger fan and this being placed near the same area as the ginger roots I knew it most likely probably had similar properties and uses.

turmericSo I get home and I started doing a little online research on this turmeric root which honestly for some reason had me intrigued. What I found out was AMAZING! I was so excite about giving it a try that I actually went back to the supermarket the same day just to pick some up!

It turns out the turmeric has been used in Asia for thousands of years as both a spice (this is what gives curry its yellow color) and also for medicinal purposes.

The main substance contained in turmeric that does most of the magic is curcumin. This is an incredible anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Apparently the best way to consume it for the most powerful effects is as an extract, but since I had the roots I wanted to put them to use.

First thing I made was a nutriblast. I mixed spinach, beets, turmeric roots, and ginger roots along with almond milk (unsweetened). It actually was very good. Next morning I decided to give it a try in some tea. I put a pot to boil with chopped turmeric roots, chopped ginger roots, and a cinnamon stick (I let it boil and then turned the heat down to let it cook for another 20 minutes). I must say that I am now hooked.

Below is a cool face mask recipe I also found that I recommend giving a try also.

Hope you enjoy this info!